The Local Gift Card was created to support locally owned businesses who are the backbone of our local economy.

I started it because have been there.  I have experienced the struggles first hand and know how stressful it can be wondering if you will have enough sales to cover next month’s lease.  I have also experienced the joys that come with running your own business and having things work out.  The idea for The Local Gift Card started while I was running my retail store, Unless Market.

Our program is designed to open up the gift card market to support local.  Because let’s face it, my favourite local business is not likely your favourite local business.  Plus, we all have that one person who is impossible to shop for.  You know the one I am talking about?  The one who already has everything they want.  With our program, you are able to get that person one gift card and let them choose where they want to use it.  Why have a gift card that you can only use at one business when you can have a gift card that works at over 40 local businesses.

Regardless of where our gift card is used, you get peace of mind knowing your gift card money is going directly to a locally owned business.  That’s right.  Our program does not take any fees off of the gift cards so all of your gift card money goes directly to the business where the gift card was used.

We are more than just a gift card.  We work to bring awareness to an amazing selection of businesses that we have in our communities.  One of the challenges many people face when they are looking to support local is that they don’t know where to go.  Our website allows people to discover businesses in their community they didn’t know existed.

I know our program works!  I have heard first hand from business owners who have had their businesses discovered simply because they are part of our program.

In addition to gift cards and online listings, I love the collaborations that have occurred because of our program.  Watching businesses working together rather than against each other is a beautiful thing.

I look forward to bringing more communities together through our community gift card program.


May 16th 2020