What is your name?

Carole Bodart

What is the name of your business?


What does your business do?

We are an inclusive sanctuary for smarter exercise, relaxation, and self-regulation.
Our mission is to offer an environment to anyone who wants to explore how mindful fitness and smart recovery routines can help self-regulate the body, prevent injuries, help heal illness and break negative personality patterns to live a happier and healthier life.

Why did you start your business?

From a very young age, I have always been a believer in the powers of our own mind and body. I was blessed with parents who were early adopters of alternative medicine and holistic healing. When my siblings or I were ill, our parents never rushed to call the doctor and have us prescribe a “pill” to make “the pain go away”. They explained to us how our immune system is, a strong and very smart army of brave little soldiers, who fight bad invaders, so we really heal ourselves and are not a defenseless victim of our environment. They also taught us sleep and rest was sacred and the first medicine anyone should reach for, when they need to heal.

As I grew older, I kept building knowledge and learning from studying scientists who research and endorse the mind-body connection and from the rich ancient wisdom we have collected over thousands of years, mostly neglected and left uncovered by our schoolbooks and our medical schools.

Dealing with the trauma caused by the aftermath of years of emotional abuse, I finally discovered floating and met many people who used floating therapy to recover from PTSD, brain injury, chronic fatigue, joint pains etc…

I have also been a passionate athlete for most of my life and about 15 years ago, I became fascinated by why people get injured and how they can move smarter to prevent this and keep living a free limitless life doing what they love doing. This is when I also became a personal trainer and specialized in mindful functional fitness. I believe injuries are rarely a coincidence or bad luck.

What do you like best about running your own business? What is your biggest challenge when it comes to running your own business?

The feeling of ownership! I mean not in a possessive, materialistic or greedy way, but rather in a way where you do not get to be a victim of corporate decisions, or a bad boss or colleagues. When things go well, it is thanks to myself but when things go poorly, I also need to fix them! There is nobody else to blame and there is no escaping, you can’t resign and walk out. It makes you courageous and helps you grow tremendously.

What are you most proud of when it comes to your business?

The amount of loyal regular members we have and watching how these people have enriched their lives and improved their health. Some of them have become very close friends for life.

What is your favourite locally owned business (other than your own)?

There are 3 things I look for in a business as a client. Authenticity, love and honesty. When greed and egos take over you don’t really feel like they care about you as a client or love what they do. The product or service will not be that good either in those cases.

It is hard to choose so I will name a few: Salt + Sage jewelry, Chaibaba Tea shop, 2BU hair, Esteem Lingerie, Giobean Expresso, ChickPeace (my neighbor!) and QB Gelato… Note that what all these have in common. The owner is often there working in and on the business, they are not sitting on a beach in Mexico watching the sales statistics roll in on their screen ( – ;

Why do you believe supporting locally owned businesses is important?

We live in an age, where large companies have gained so much power that they do more than just sell us products and services. They know everything about us, they are controlling our political institutions directly and indirectly and ultimately have the power to dictate our lives. Because they are faceless, they can get away with not caring about the “human” behind the client. This sets the stage for political systems were people’s freedom and hapiness is severely jeopardised. Some countries are intensely living that as we speak.

How can people find your business?

Google lol … yes one of those big companies I just warned you about! … just kidding, you can also use DuckDuckGo or even better, come and see us.

We are located on 1851 Kirshner Rd near the Landmark district and are also very good at responding to text 778.484.3562 and E-mail info@floatspace.ca

January 15th 2021