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The Local Chemist

Mobile Specialty Coffee & Events

The Local Chemist is a dedicated mobile specialty coffee cart that travels around to events/weddings/markets. But we are not founded on just coffee alone! We first grew for our love of the hustle because of the people! Being around people and interacting with them while making coffee is a dream come true…in any setting.
But with the name ‘The Local Chemist” and the mental picture of an older 1940’s western type “Local Chemist”, we are able to be very very diverse and ‘add a little bit of this….with a little bit of that…..and a touch of this…..and we can cure what ailes ya!
From serving coffee at markets, to hosting our very own market ( Home Grown Hand Craft Market ), to offering cafe consulting and rocking our very own Podcast, The Local Chemist is and always will be dedicated to serving people in the best way possible!