I am someone who believes that we can all make a difference no matter how small, especially when it comes to Mother Earth.  The simple act of carrying around a reusable mug can prevent 100’s of single use cups from ever being used.  Image if we all carried around reusable mugs and coffee shops got to stop offering single use cups?  I believe there is a quote out there somewhere that basically says that the small actions of many has the power to bring big change.

When I first decided to start The Local Gift Card I had a hard time accepting that I would be running a business that was based on a single use plastic item.  I know that the purpose of The Local Gift Card is much bigger than the little plastic cards but it was still important for me to find a way to ensure our gift cards stayed out of the local landfill.

The solution was simple.  I want them all back!

I want every gift card that ever goes out into the world from our program to come right back to us.

Why? Because I want those gift cards to be turned into park benches or maybe planters.  Right now our used gift cards will become park benches but I am looking at a few other options that will hopefully result in our gift cards being given a second chance closer to home.