Nourish Families Initiative

Every meal ordered provides a second meal to a family in need!

Nourish Families Initiative was created by Vicky Wallace, a local parent and Play Therapist, at the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis in March 2020. The program works by providing a free meal to a family-in-need for every meal that is purchased by a community member. In the beginning, Nourish Families initiative was a small social enterprise; generating business to closed restaurants, reducing food-prep and grocery shopping for community families and providing free meals to families who had been hit the hardest by Covid.

This model worked so well that it was too much for a single person to handle! In June of 2020, Childhood Connections took on this program with Vicky as a program consultant. We’ve now had 5 different meal partners (and counting!) to provide multiple weekly menu options and are providing meals to families-in-need on a weekly basis!